• The beginning

    Partners Co. was formed in 2005 and it started its operations from a 50 sq.m. office in the 4th floor of a commercial building in the central area of Tabriz. The founders were young and motivated enough to work day and night to get projects and formed a small team of talented individuals in a very short period of time. They invested all their time and energy in this, at the time, small venture and invested any return and profits made back into the company.

  • Over time

    Gradually and over a period of 10 years, they increased their office space and the workforce of specialized personnel. Currently the company has offices in Tehran, Tabriz and they have built a special purpose and specialized Call Center in the Foreign Investment Complex of Tabriz with over 1500 sq.m. office space and over 80 personnel. They have produced a wide range of diverse services and products to meet the needs of wide range of customers in both the private sector and the government.

    Over time

  • Network and Infrastructure

    In the field of network and infrastructure, they started with design and implementation of large LAN networks for large customers such as Sahand University and the Fuel Smart Card for the National Iranian Oil Company. Right now, they have one of the largest networks of WIFI links in the northwest of Iran, providing internet and intranet and bandwidth to over 200 companies and factories in industrial areas around Tabriz.

  • Software Development

    In the field of software development, the company has produced many packaged and custom MIS and ERP solutions for the private sector. Some of the modules include accounts receivables, account payable, human resources and payroll, warehousing and inventory control, sales, procurement and cost accounting. Their technology stack is mainly Microsoft based and the new systems are web based and mainly built as SAAS services. They mainly use agile processes and methodologies for the analysis and design phase of the software development lifecycle. They have recently produced the municipality car toll calculation and collection as SAAS service which provides services through post offices or special Counter Offices run by private individuals. They have been one of the few companies who have exported software and services to Afghanistan and Azerbaijan.

    Software Development

  • Unified Communications

    The company also entered the public sector with a very popular and cost effective unified communications solution which includes VOIP services, video and web conferencing, email and presence services and many other modules. Some of its current customers in this field include the Ministry of Interior, Governors of many provinces and their respective sub-governors, the Municipality of Tehran and Iran Khodro Industrial Group.

  • Call Center

    It’s most recent projects was the design and implementation of the first private call center in Iran. The call center started its operations at the start of 2015. This call center has the potential to provide over 300 E1 lines and can host over 500 operators. It can provide contact center services to many government and non-government organizations and companies. It has started with providing call center services for the car tax system of the National Tax Organization of Iran. Right now over 5000 private government services counters throughout the country are being served by this call center.

    Call Center

  • Citizens Special Civil Services (Khosh)

    Another project which they have started is providing special citizen services with the help and joint cooperation of the National Iranian Post Company. The heart of this project is the call center and the 193 phone number which has been assigned to this service for 15 years. This project is running under the KHOSH brand. This project and other projects are discussed further in the next sections.