Approval of the evaluation of the national plan of “Khosh” Citizenship Services in Tehran Resistance Economics Command

At the thirty-second meeting of the headquarters of the Honorable Governor of Tehran, attended by officials and managers of Tehran’s provincial offices and other members of the Resistance Economics Staff, Mr. Mohammadi outlined the benefits and “khosh” strategies. Citizen Special Services Program. In accordance with the provisions of the economic policies of the Resistance Economy, the plan was discussed at the next meeting. The “khosh” manager introduced the benefits of a traffic reduction program in Tehran, which in turn plays a key role in reducing air pollution. And there is a clarification of the service pricing system due to the variety and scope of services and the lack of adequate supervision with the shortcomings. There is also the possibility of fair access to a variety of services tailored to the policies of the resistance economy. With the implementation of “Khosh” in Greater Tehran, people can do all the services they need by Khosh and do not need to be present. They do not have physical services at city level or even abroad. Khosh Special Citizenship Services has the largest supply and distribution cycle of goods and services in Iran, employing both public and call center experts concerned about employment. At the end of the meeting, an assessment was made by Dr. Hashemi, the respected governor of Tehran, to evaluate the special committee “khosh” to begin the necessary steps to implement it.

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