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Partners Group in Eighth Festival Introducing Top Entrepreneurial and Entrepreneurial Faces – Social Security Organization

According to the Public Relations Department of the East Azerbaijan Social Security Administration, the 8th East Azarbaijan Employer Faces Festival was held with the participation of provincial and organizational managers and social partners of the province. The festival is designed to strengthen the Social Security Organization’s interactions with the country’s corporate community, and is the […]

Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare

The Memorandum of Understanding of the Takapoo National Program (Business Development and Sustainable Employment Program) was signed by the Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare, the Minister of Communications, the Governor of Khorasan Razavi and the representative of the Partnerships Group. This is a project that is being implemented to create employment in Khorasan […]

Approval of the evaluation of the national plan of “Khosh” Citizenship Services in Tehran Resistance Economics Command

At the thirty-second meeting of the headquarters of the Honorable Governor of Tehran, attended by officials and managers of Tehran’s provincial offices and other members of the Resistance Economics Staff, Mr. Mohammadi outlined the benefits and “khosh” strategies. Citizen Special Services Program. In accordance with the provisions of the economic policies of the Resistance Economy, […]

Holding a resistance headquarters meeting in the presence of the leader’s representative

Hojatoleslam Seyed Mohammad Ali Al Hashim said at a meeting of the provincial Resistance Economics headquarters in support of the Small Industries Day in Foreign Investment Industrial Town: “Everyone is responsible for resolving the country’s economic problems and should not just wait for government action.” Provided: All sections of society, from officials to all peoples […]

Hamgaman as a shareholder of Aras Research and Technology Fund supports innovative startups and ideas

The CEO of Aras Research and Technology Fund stated that Aras Research and Technology Fund supports science and technology companies, adding that 70 industrial-based technology companies and 34 start-ups were attracted. The fund, with an initial capital of 30 billion riyals, comprises 34% of Aras Free Zone Organization, 15% of East Azarbaijan Science and Technology […]

Approval of the International Takapoo Project with the presence of the Minister of Communications

Takapoo national ratification ( business program and permanent employment )  has been signed up between  Minister of Co-operation, Labor and Social Welfare, – Minister of Communications – governor of Khorasan Razavi and representative of the hamgaman company. The Hamgaman companies project is one of the 24 projects which gets functional for employment in Khorasan e […]