Partners Group in Eighth Festival Introducing Top Entrepreneurial and Entrepreneurial Faces – Social Security Organization

According to the Public Relations Department of the East Azerbaijan Social Security Administration, the 8th East Azarbaijan Employer Faces Festival was held with the participation of provincial and organizational managers and social partners of the province.

The festival is designed to strengthen the Social Security Organization’s interactions with the country’s corporate community, and is the subject of all law and order workshops in the country.

Also, how to select a sample employer are the provincial general insurance departments and, based on the four “sample employer designation indicators”, nominate the selected employer to the national secretariat of the festival based in the Directorate-General for Employers and Deputy Organizations for Cultural and Social Affairs. they do.

The festival honored 19 East Azerbaijan employers.

Managing Director of partners Company (Abolfazl Mohammadi ghadim) was named as one of the top figures in the field of Social Security Organization in East Azerbaijan.

It is written on the tablet of appreciation:

This tablet is dedicated to His Excellency, through valuable services and measures in proper planning and constructive participation in enhancing the insurance culture and striving to expand effective interactions between the Social Security Organization and its social partners as a top employer.

Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare

The Memorandum of Understanding of the Takapoo National Program (Business Development and Sustainable Employment Program) was signed by the Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare, the Minister of Communications, the Governor of Khorasan Razavi and the representative of the Partnerships Group. This is a project that is being implemented to create employment in Khorasan Razavi. Private sector participants are expected to create more than 8,000 people with an investment of 320 billion tomans.

Partners Group of Companies was the first holder of the license to establish a public contact center from the Regulatory Authority for Radio and Telecommunications, as well as selected several units of software production and software export units, and was active in implementing the project in addition to Khorasan Razavi Province. The aforementioned also has and will be involved in other provinces.

To achieve the following goals Partners Company has previously established and operated in Shabestar (East Azerbaijan), Zavareh (Isfahan Province) and distributed centralized call centers with support in times of crisis. Appropriately and without any other possible obstacles, it will expand its centers in some other areas such as Lorestan or Ilam, Gilan, Fars, Hormozgan or Bushehr.

1.Decentralization of call centers from Greater Tehran to less populated areas with the aim of preventing migration to Tehran and its effects on reducing urban traffic and protecting the environment and reducing air pollution.

2.reducing the cost of responding centers services.

3. creating sustainable ignition and business development And working in low-lying areas .

Approval of the evaluation of the national plan of “Khosh” Citizenship Services in Tehran Resistance Economics Command

At the thirty-second meeting of the headquarters of the Honorable Governor of Tehran, attended by officials and managers of Tehran’s provincial offices and other members of the Resistance Economics Staff, Mr. Mohammadi outlined the benefits and “khosh” strategies. Citizen Special Services Program. In accordance with the provisions of the economic policies of the Resistance Economy, the plan was discussed at the next meeting. The “khosh” manager introduced the benefits of a traffic reduction program in Tehran, which in turn plays a key role in reducing air pollution. And there is a clarification of the service pricing system due to the variety and scope of services and the lack of adequate supervision with the shortcomings. There is also the possibility of fair access to a variety of services tailored to the policies of the resistance economy. With the implementation of “Khosh” in Greater Tehran, people can do all the services they need by Khosh and do not need to be present. They do not have physical services at city level or even abroad. Khosh Special Citizenship Services has the largest supply and distribution cycle of goods and services in Iran, employing both public and call center experts concerned about employment. At the end of the meeting, an assessment was made by Dr. Hashemi, the respected governor of Tehran, to evaluate the special committee “khosh” to begin the necessary steps to implement it.

Holding a resistance headquarters meeting in the presence of the leader’s representative

Hojatoleslam Seyed Mohammad Ali Al Hashim said at a meeting of the provincial Resistance Economics headquarters in support of the Small Industries Day in Foreign Investment Industrial Town: “Everyone is responsible for resolving the country’s economic problems and should not just wait for government action.” Provided: All sections of society, from officials to all peoples should come together and take action to resolve economic problems. Work and effort are hopeful for the future, and by no means do we intend to withdraw from the front line of economic warfare. Based on the impact of small industries on economic development, developed countries in the past decades put the creation and support of small and medium-sized enterprises on their agenda, and eventually succeeded in developing and succeeding, Rand said. He said local and regional capacity of small and medium-sized industries through the accumulation of financial resources, entrepreneurship and linking with large industries could provide the basis for the development of the country’s economy. Hojat al-Islam al-Hashim is one of the reasons for the importance of supporting small industries. The medium and high average share of these firms is the share of employment in all countries, he added. In 2012, 80% of new job opportunities in Europe came from small and medium-sized industries. But, referring to his visits to foreign investment industrial production units, he said: Obviously, there is a problem with the supply of petrochemicals, which we will definitely pursue through the ministers and managers of this sector. Tabriz’s Friday deadline points to some problems with the owners of manufacturing and industrial units in supplying raw materials, smuggling and imports. The irregularities and problems of some laws in the field of social security and taxation, said: The pursuer of solving the problems of the artisans of existence He praised the judiciary’s strong entry in dealing with commodity hoarding in the country: “These approaches are aimed at ensuring market security and security and should be continued to prevent a low-income stroke.” At the beginning, representatives of export consortia, small industries, industry clusters, export-oriented units discussed the views and problems of manufacturing units. Special Citizenship, Mobile Registry and Mobile Software Producer with 140 people Employment), Parla Textiles Development Phase Company (manufacturer of 180 curtains and $ 20 million investment), Superband Industrial Unit (manufacturer of office supplies with 20 people) and Akpa Iran Kish Company (producer) Aluminum profiles with investment of 600 billion rials and employment of 240 people). East Azerbaijan with 3.9 million population has 37 settlements and 17 industrial zones.

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IRNA News Agency.

Appointment of Engineer Abolfazl Mohammadi Ghadim as Head of Farhiltegan Foundation of East Azerbaijan Province

Ali Mahmoudi, the head of Iran’s intellectual foundation, appointed Engineer Abolfazl Mohammadi as “the head of the East Azerbaijan Farahikhtan Foundation”, according to the Public Relations and Information Center of the Iranian Cultural Foundation.


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Visit of Mr. Saidi (Member of Parliament of Iran) to Partners Company

Mr. Saidi, while visiting different parts of the company, got familiar with the process of the work and development of national and transnational activities in the company.

The representative of Tabriz, Azarshahr and Osku, at the first public contact center of the country in the foreign investment town, hoped if the authorities of the province support this new industry, this industry can be extended and expand its employment, and also hoped to see its development in future.

The partners group companies as the first holder of the license to establish the public contact center from the country regulatory and radio communication organization, have been able to open up 2 public contact centers in the country in the past years, and in the next steps, they will establish many public contact centers in other cities of the country and foreign countries as well.

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Opening Ceremony ” khosh ” (Special Citizenship Services) in Tabriz

On the occasion of the government day, the national special civic services project (khosh), has been opened in Tabriz with the presence of Dr. Mehri, deputy minister of communications and manager national post company, and Mr. Ahamadzadeh, planning director of national post company, engineer Pourmahdi, deputy governor of construction, engineer Hosseinzadeh, the head of communications an IT of province, Mr. karami, the head of urban and rural of governor, Mr. Karimi, Head of the Center of Planning, Modernization and Development of Information Technology Governance, Mr. Gasemzadeh, Tabriz central prefect, Mr. Pour bozorg, the head of post office and other authorities.

Dr. Mehri in this ceremony included the features of the KHOSH project in the development of prosperity of the people and the rate of the employment, and also he named Mr. Mohammadi Ghadim as one of the elite of the IT industry and a software exporter in the country, and commended him.photo_2017-09-12_11-27-27

Inauguration of National “Khosh” Citizenship Services National Plan in Tabriz

On the occasion of the Government week, the National Khosh Citizenship Services Special Initiative was launched in Tabriz.

Dr. Mehri, Deputy Minister of Communications and CEO of National Post Company, mentioned “khosh” features in the development of people’s welfare and their employment rate.He praised Mr. GHadim as the premier software exporter.