Inks on Takapoo international project ratification with the presence of Minister of Co-operation, Labor and Social Welfare, and Minister of Communications.

Takapoo national ratification ( business program and permanent employment )  has been signed up between  Minister of Co-operation, Labor and Social Welfare, – Minister of Communications – governor of Khorasan Razavi and representative of the hamgaman company.

The Hamgaman companies project is one of the 24 projects which gets functional for employment in Khorasan e Razavi.

It is predictable with the investment of 320 billion tomans from private organization contributors in Takapoo project, be able to make a job for approximately 8000 youth. The Hamgaman companies group as the first holder of a license to establish a public contact center from regulatory organization, and radio regulation organization, and also a multiple selection for being the best unit of software production and export, is active at the national Takapo project, and not only this project has been activated in Khorasan e Razavi, it will also get activated in other cities of the country as well. Hamgaman’s company for reaching to its goals, and distributing its contact centers with the capability of backup in case of emergency, has established its call centers in Shabestar ( the east Azarbayjan ) and Zavareh ( Isfahan ), and in case proper technical bases and absence of any probable obstacle, it will develop its call centers in other cities such as : Lorestan, Ilam, Gilan, Fars, Hormozgan, Boshehr and Kerman and…

Decentralization of call centers from the capital Tehran to small towns with the aim of prevention of immigrating to the Tehran and its impacts on reducing the intra city traffic and protecting the environment and also the air pollution.

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Mr. Saidi, while visiting different parts of the company, got familiar with the process of the work and development of national and transnational activities in the company.

The representative of Tabriz, Azarshahr and Osku, at the first public contact center of the country in the foreign investment town, hoped if the authorities of the province support this new industry, this industry can be extended and expand its employment, and also hoped to see its development in future.

The partners group companies as the first holder of the license to establish the public contact center from the country regulatory and radio communication organization, have been able to open up 2 public contact centers in the country in the past years, and in the next steps, they will establish many public contact centers in other cities of the country and foreign countries as well.

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On the occasion of the government day, the national special civic services project (khosh), has been opened in Tabriz with the presence of Dr. Mehri, deputy minister of communications and manager national post company, and Mr. Ahamadzadeh, planning director of national post company, engineer Pourmahdi, deputy governor of construction, engineer Hosseinzadeh, the head of communications an IT of province, Mr. karami, the head of urban and rural of governor, Mr. Karimi, Head of the Center of Planning, Modernization and Development of Information Technology Governance, Mr. Gasemzadeh, Tabriz central prefect, Mr. Pour bozorg, the head of post office and other authorities.

Dr. Mehri in this ceremony included the features of the KHOSH project in the development of prosperity of the people and the rate of the employment, and also he named Mr. Mohammadi Ghadim as one of the elite of the IT industry and a software exporter in the country, and commended him.photo_2017-09-12_11-27-27



3In cooperation with Qom’s management and supervision organization, the biggest transportation system has started operating in Qom.

Mohammadi Qadim stated: KHOSH (special citizenship services) transportation system is the first and only transportation system in Iran which is capable of online accessing and ordering through the KHOSH application and also is at the service of people for the 24 hours through 193 call center.

This feature ( answering from various thresholds ), makes all possible crises such as, internet interruption and …, not to be able to make any defect and be impenetrable in the KHOSH system, and the KHOSH’s call center is ready to answer all customer’s demands and orders. On the other hand, the KHOSH’s call center is active in different cities, and in case of any Telecommunication problem for one of call centers, another call center gets activated and registers all the demands and orders.

Head of the KHOSH system continued: the total policy of the KHOSH for all the services that gives, is legality and In accordance with the law of the country’s trade system, which unfortunately is one of the missed and forgotten services, specially, online services in Iran. In this case, the KHOSH transportation system has considered its operational base in cooperating of management and supervision organization over taxi organization, and now it has been able to operate this system in Qom.

Today when online transportation services are in lack of certain licenses and lack of legal supervisions, and make problems for people, the KHOSH system honors today that can catch the attention of supervision and legal organizations, and make a trust between people and the KHOSH system.

He also said: this form of giving e-services which is available through various thresholds and use guilds and also gives the services according to declared standards, gets operational for the first time in Iran.

It is important to be said that transportation is important and vast among people, it demands authorities and officials to be much more precise and vigilant about it and also prevent all those groups that have no legal image and state.




photo_2017-03-14_10-57-22 copyNetwork Engineering and Information Technology (IT) company, invites all those active experts at the field of virtual business all over the world to come and see the possibility of consulting and cooperation on the national KHOSH project.

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Iran Post CEO visits Partners Co. (Hamgaman) Call Center and Citizens Special Services (Khosh) Project

Mr. Mehri, the Deputy Minister and CEO of Iran Post Co. visited Partners Co.’s Call Center on Saturday, 14th May 2016. During this visit, several members of the Board of Directors of Iran Post were also present. This visit included the call center of Citizens Special Services (Khosh) project, which answers the 193 number from all over the country. Mr. Mehri also presented his views and guidance on how to go forward and increase the range of services provided to citizens.

During this visit, a report was presented by Mr. Abolfazl Mohammadi, detailing the latest achievements in the Citizens Special Services (Khosh) project and current statistics regarding number of jobs performed daily in different provinces.

Partners Co. is the first and only Contact Center in Iran with license from the Communications Regulatory Authority of Iran.




Hamgaman Software in Peyman Icecream Co. of Afghanistan

Hamgaman Software systems have been successfully implemented in Peyman Icecream Co. of Afghanistan.