Holding a resistance headquarters meeting in the presence of the leader’s representative

Hojatoleslam Seyed Mohammad Ali Al Hashim said at a meeting of the provincial Resistance Economics headquarters in support of the Small Industries Day in Foreign Investment Industrial Town: “Everyone is responsible for resolving the country’s economic problems and should not just wait for government action.” Provided: All sections of society, from officials to all peoples should come together and take action to resolve economic problems. Work and effort are hopeful for the future, and by no means do we intend to withdraw from the front line of economic warfare. Based on the impact of small industries on economic development, developed countries in the past decades put the creation and support of small and medium-sized enterprises on their agenda, and eventually succeeded in developing and succeeding, Rand said. He said local and regional capacity of small and medium-sized industries through the accumulation of financial resources, entrepreneurship and linking with large industries could provide the basis for the development of the country’s economy. Hojat al-Islam al-Hashim is one of the reasons for the importance of supporting small industries. The medium and high average share of these firms is the share of employment in all countries, he added. In 2012, 80% of new job opportunities in Europe came from small and medium-sized industries. But, referring to his visits to foreign investment industrial production units, he said: Obviously, there is a problem with the supply of petrochemicals, which we will definitely pursue through the ministers and managers of this sector. Tabriz’s Friday deadline points to some problems with the owners of manufacturing and industrial units in supplying raw materials, smuggling and imports. The irregularities and problems of some laws in the field of social security and taxation, said: The pursuer of solving the problems of the artisans of existence He praised the judiciary’s strong entry in dealing with commodity hoarding in the country: “These approaches are aimed at ensuring market security and security and should be continued to prevent a low-income stroke.” At the beginning, representatives of export consortia, small industries, industry clusters, export-oriented units discussed the views and problems of manufacturing units. Special Citizenship, Mobile Registry and Mobile Software Producer with 140 people Employment), Parla Textiles Development Phase Company (manufacturer of 180 curtains and $ 20 million investment), Superband Industrial Unit (manufacturer of office supplies with 20 people) and Akpa Iran Kish Company (producer) Aluminum profiles with investment of 600 billion rials and employment of 240 people). East Azerbaijan with 3.9 million population has 37 settlements and 17 industrial zones.

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IRNA News Agency.

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