Approval of the International Takapoo Project with the presence of the Minister of Communications

Takapoo national ratification ( business program and permanent employment )  has been signed up between  Minister of Co-operation, Labor and Social Welfare, – Minister of Communications – governor of Khorasan Razavi and representative of the hamgaman company.

The Hamgaman companies project is one of the 24 projects which gets functional for employment in Khorasan e Razavi.

It is predictable with the investment of 320 billion tomans from private organization contributors in Takapoo project, be able to make a job for approximately 8000 youth. The Hamgaman companies group as the first holder of a license to establish a public contact center from regulatory organization, and radio regulation organization, and also a multiple selection for being the best unit of software production and export, is active at the national Takapo project, and not only this project has been activated in Khorasan e Razavi, it will also get activated in other cities of the country as well. Hamgaman’s company for reaching to its goals, and distributing its contact centers with the capability of backup in case of emergency, has established its call centers in Shabestar ( the east Azarbayjan ) and Zavareh ( Isfahan ), and in case proper technical bases and absence of any probable obstacle, it will develop its call centers in other cities such as : Lorestan, Ilam, Gilan, Fars, Hormozgan, Boshehr and Kerman and…

Decentralization of call centers from the capital Tehran to small towns with the aim of prevention of immigrating to the Tehran and its impacts on reducing the intra city traffic and protecting the environment and also the air pollution.


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