3In cooperation with Qom’s management and supervision organization, the biggest transportation system has started operating in Qom.

Mohammadi Qadim stated: KHOSH (special citizenship services) transportation system is the first and only transportation system in Iran which is capable of online accessing and ordering through the KHOSH application and also is at the service of people for the 24 hours through 193 call center.

This feature ( answering from various thresholds ), makes all possible crises such as, internet interruption and …, not to be able to make any defect and be impenetrable in the KHOSH system, and the KHOSH’s call center is ready to answer all customer’s demands and orders. On the other hand, the KHOSH’s call center is active in different cities, and in case of any Telecommunication problem for one of call centers, another call center gets activated and registers all the demands and orders.

Head of the KHOSH system continued: the total policy of the KHOSH for all the services that gives, is legality and In accordance with the law of the country’s trade system, which unfortunately is one of the missed and forgotten services, specially, online services in Iran. In this case, the KHOSH transportation system has considered its operational base in cooperating of management and supervision organization over taxi organization, and now it has been able to operate this system in Qom.

Today when online transportation services are in lack of certain licenses and lack of legal supervisions, and make problems for people, the KHOSH system honors today that can catch the attention of supervision and legal organizations, and make a trust between people and the KHOSH system.

He also said: this form of giving e-services which is available through various thresholds and use guilds and also gives the services according to declared standards, gets operational for the first time in Iran.

It is important to be said that transportation is important and vast among people, it demands authorities and officials to be much more precise and vigilant about it and also prevent all those groups that have no legal image and state.



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