Iran Post CEO visits Partners Co. (Hamgaman) Call Center and Citizens Special Services (Khosh) Project

Mr. Mehri, the Deputy Minister and CEO of Iran Post Co. visited Partners Co.’s Call Center on Saturday, 14th May 2016. During this visit, several members of the Board of Directors of Iran Post were also present. This visit included the call center of Citizens Special Services (Khosh) project, which answers the 193 number from all over the country. Mr. Mehri also presented his views and guidance on how to go forward and increase the range of services provided to citizens.

During this visit, a report was presented by Mr. Abolfazl Mohammadi, detailing the latest achievements in the Citizens Special Services (Khosh) project and current statistics regarding number of jobs performed daily in different provinces.

Partners Co. is the first and only Contact Center in Iran with license from the Communications Regulatory Authority of Iran.




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