photo_2017-11-01_18-12-29Due to the increasing and various needs of the people in the country, and also necessity of answering to their needs, made us to sign a cooperation contract with the I.R.I post company, so we could answer to some of the needs of the people.

In this cooperation, the I.R.I post company, has dedicated the national 1633 dialing numbers and its transportation system to the partners company, and alongside of the partners company’s facilities like:

  1. The first and only international contact center (the transcript no.1), licensed from the regulatory and radio communication organization of the country.
  2. Owner of the first place of producing softwares in the country in 2016 (the transcript no.2).
  3. Telecommunication infrastructures,

To be able to respond to the needs of the people sooner, faster, safer, with high quality and also post-sale support.

Obviously, due to the information registration system and systematic circulation of the processes, it is undeniable to have remarkable taxes. So the possibility of registering financial documents and applied taxes on occupations that are categorized in the tax project of the country, the partners company is able to send all the tax information taken from the jobs and occupations to the data center of the tax organization of the country online, and also share the sources of data among the government treasury, the municipality of each city, and health care organization. This online and fast process of access to financial sources, can be so beneficial in terms of money circulation management for the government and other stakeholders. Undoubtedly, the gathered information in this system make a great base of prevention plan a for the managers of the country, specially, executive directors in the mechanisms of production, distribution, economic market setting plan, business and employment management, law organization, the public unit managements of the country, specially municipalities, and …