The “KHOSH” headquarters: management model of this project is like, governors, instructions, and all the processes get documented as the “KHOSH” headquarters in Tehran, and also get recited as e-circulars to all related organizations.


Management center of the “KHOSH” payments PSP: due to this issue that, all income sources of the “KHOSH” project will be shared based on distinct models among different organizations like, call center, service providers, servers, and…, and because of a huge mass of transactions in this project, existence of a PSP as a management support for all the payment processes is essential.


Center of marketers and providers of the “KHOSH” goods: the “KHOSH” system, as the owner of providing all physical, financial, and electronic postal services license, has provided an opportunity for customers to be able to buy and request for goods and services through the “KHOSH” website,, in order to support national high quality goods with decent cost, and the best post-sell services all over the county, authorities have signed contractions with providers of the goods and services with the most appropriate postal method in a frame of distinct SLA, to provide people’s needs all over the country. Now, the citizens are able to send and register their requests, and receive the requested goods and services with the best cost, high guarantee of the post-sell services, and the lease time of transportation, in front of their house doors.


Geographical scopes of the “KHOSH” activities: in the “KHOSH” system, received requests form people, in terms of cities and rural areas and districts get categorized, and with estimating the demand for a distinct service, that areas or districts receive services.

For example: with the estimation of needs for key makers in 4th district of the municipality of Tehran, there can be a cooperation with 4 key makers with the morning and evening working shifts.