• Customers: in this system costumers are known at 3 levels:
  1. Ordinary people: They only request for services, and they personal information get registered in case of their desire.
  2. Main customers: the customers who are the member of the system, and they are authenticated in this national system.
  3. Loyal customers: the customers who constantly get the advantages of this system, and they can use special privileges that are provided for them from the system.
  • Servers: in this system, services are categorized in 3 types:
  1. Citizenship services
  2. Representative and electronic services
  3. Posting services


  1. Citizenship services: all the guilds that are licensed and legal, are at the priority level of cooperation. Individuals who have the profession of giving services, but they do not have a proper place to settle and initiate their services, they can after getting required certifications, in the frame of the special citizenship services (KHOSH) system, present their services.

Examples of the occupations and guilds that give services:

Electricians, delivery men, travel agencies, key makers, English teachers, house cleaners, cabinet makers, welders, plumbers, computer fixers, nurses, baby sitters, makeup artists, and …

  1. Representative services: This service is for those customer who their physical presence in not necessary, and they easily can give their work to a third person as their own representative. These representatives can accomplish tasks like: seat reservation (doctor, conference, air plane, train, bus, and …), registering shopping request, and …
  2. Post services: in this system, with a cooperation between the partners co. and I.R.I post organization of the country, all the physical, financial, and e-mail operations have been transferred to the “KHOSH” system.