rec_deliveryPhone posting and courier services

This service is the easiest, fastest, safest and most economical way to post a mail, an envelop, a box from one address to another. This service has 2 aspects:

intercity: provides the posting Hand to Hand service in urban area.

Posting: a list of activities which at first in order to be full filled, need to receive an invoice from postal offices of the country. Receiving the posting stuff from the “KHOSH” customers house door and delivering them to one of the postal offices of the country.

By dialing numbers 193 by the “KHOSH” customers, a request gets registered in the system, and after getting verified, the system automatically sends a ticket to the closest postal office near to the KHOSH customers, then the ticket automatically gets sent to the postal office. A delivery man goes to the customer’s position and receives the postal goods and takes them to its destination. The operations on the ticket, since the beginning, up to the end (closing the ticket), all get notified for the “KHOSH” customers through Email, SMS, and also in their dashboard.

The customers of the “KHOSH” get notified for the cost of the accomplished services by a printed and electronic check bill after reckoning, then the ticket’s process is over and it gets closed.