Partners Group in Eighth Festival Introducing Top Entrepreneurial and Entrepreneurial Faces – Social Security Organization

According to the Public Relations Department of the East Azerbaijan Social Security Administration, the 8th East Azarbaijan Employer Faces Festival was held with the participation of provincial and organizational managers and social partners of the province.

The festival is designed to strengthen the Social Security Organization’s interactions with the country’s corporate community, and is the subject of all law and order workshops in the country.

Also, how to select a sample employer are the provincial general insurance departments and, based on the four “sample employer designation indicators”, nominate the selected employer to the national secretariat of the festival based in the Directorate-General for Employers and Deputy Organizations for Cultural and Social Affairs. they do.

The festival honored 19 East Azerbaijan employers.

Managing Director of partners Company (Abolfazl Mohammadi ghadim) was named as one of the top figures in the field of Social Security Organization in East Azerbaijan.

It is written on the tablet of appreciation:

This tablet is dedicated to His Excellency, through valuable services and measures in proper planning and constructive participation in enhancing the insurance culture and striving to expand effective interactions between the Social Security Organization and its social partners as a top employer.

Appointment of Engineer Abolfazl Mohammadi Ghadim as Head of Farhiltegan Foundation of East Azerbaijan Province

Ali Mahmoudi, the head of Iran’s intellectual foundation, appointed Engineer Abolfazl Mohammadi as “the head of the East Azerbaijan Farahikhtan Foundation”, according to the Public Relations and Information Center of the Iranian Cultural Foundation.