Partners Group Blockchain platform


We are establishing our BaaS (blockchain as a service) platform. Various services such as mining cryptocurrency, supporting Smart Contracts, Supply chain management, IoT, finance, ID Authentication …… will be provided in the platform. our ER20 crypto coin, ‘funcoin’ will be the services significant root and there will be a lot of benefits in transacting it, which will be discussed in the near future. our vision is to make the world more transparent, trustable, and justly with the opportunity to grow for anyone who has a talent. We have the following beliefs about blockchain that reveal its vast promise: l  Transformative: We believe that blockchain is a transformative technology that can radically change the way businesses interact. At the center of a blockchain is a shared immutable ledger. Each member of a blockchain network has an exact copy of the ledger that is kept current as it updates over time. After a transaction is entered, it cannot be changed. With this shared copy of the truth: l Net new growth opportunities are discovered because new trusted business models are identified. l Sustainable competitive advantage is gained through participation in a new decentralized economy with new business models. l  Time is saved because multiparty transactions can be processed immediately. l  Costs are reduced because the overhead is eliminated by having businesses transact directly with each other. l Risk is mitigated because the ledger acts as an immutable audit trail. l  Open: We believe that blockchain must be open to encourage broad adoption, innovation, and interoperability. Organizations such as the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project, with hundreds of members across all industries, have provided a breeding ground for business-savvy blockchain software. Only with openness will blockchain be widely adopted and spur innovation for business. l Ready for business: We believe that blockchain is ready for business use today. A new breed of blockchain technology is now available that has been engineered from the ground up, under the governance of the Hyperledger Project, to handle the demands of enterprises and provide a foundation that ensures good ethical business behavior.

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